Vinyl Buddy Vinyl Cleaning Kit



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Protect Your Vinyl & Stylus With The Vinyl Buddy Cleaning Kit! Includes Anti-Static Velvet Brush · Micro Fibre Cloth · Stylus Cleaning Brush · Vinyl Wet Cleaning Wipes · Cleaning Solution ~ All Combined To Make A Great Gift For The Vinyl Enthusiast In Your Family!

This kit has everything the serious music lover needs to ensure their vinyl collection keeps delivering the best possible audio quality. Anti-Static Velvet Brush safely removes dust and dirt from the vinyl surface. Stylus Cleaning Brush keeps the playing tip free from dust. The 30x30cm Micro Fibre Cloth is super fine, super soft. Use it with the cleaning solution for a deeper clean to remove more deep-seated dust and dirt. Vinyl Wet Cleaning Wipes efficiently clean any vinyl surface (ant-static, alcohol and ammonia free). Cleaning Solution with a spray nozzle for accuracy. Use with the micro fibre cloth to get a deeper clean for the perfect finishing touch. Detailed 4-page step-by-step guide instruction manual also included within this set.

NOTE FOR STYLUS CLEANING: Always brush from the back to the front! Start behind the stylus and pull forward delicately. Only brush the stylus ~ not the cantilever.

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