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Label: Island Records – 0602557161267
CD, Album, Deluxe Edition
Country: Europe
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Arena Rock, Pop Rock
EAN / UPC: 0602557161267


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1. This House Is Not For Sale
2. Living With The Ghost
3. Knockout
4. Labor Of Love
5. Born Again Tomorrow
6. Roller Coaster
7. New Year’s Day
8. The Devil’s In The Temple
9. Scars On This Guitar
10. God Bless This Mess
11. Reunion
12. Come On Up To Our House
13. Real Love
14. All Hail The King
15. We Don’t Run
16. I Will Drive You Home
17. Goodnight New York

Tracks 13-17 are bonus tracks.

For the production of their 14th studio album “This House Is Not for Sale” Jon Bon Jovi was again supported by Grammy winner John Shanks, who had already produced “Have A Nice Day” in 2005, which reached number 1 in the album charts in Germany and 14 other countries.

Large parts of the new long player were recorded in the New York studio Avatar, where the band already recorded their very first album “Bon Jovi” in 1983. The new long player came out of and in a phase of upheaval, uncertainty and has a very special meaning for the band:
“Because of all the things we’ve been through in the last few years, we’re even more sworn in as a band today than we were before. […] Now we have a fantastic album that says something and at the same time has nothing to prove,” says Jon Bon Jovi.

For Bon Jovi, however, there has always been only one answer to such situations: Step on the gas. And do it right.

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