Chilly – Simply The Best Songs (LP)


EAN / UPC: 5445288190091
Label: Metro Records – VAL-0109
Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: Romania
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Style: Disco


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A1. Come Let’s Go 3:23
A2. Simply The Love Song 3:17
A3. Come To L.A. 3:29
A4. Sunshine Of Your Love (Album Extended Version) 6:31
A5. Get Up And Move 4:00
B1. Johnny Loves Jenny 3:20
B2. I Hear Your Knocking 3:16
B3. For Your Love (Extended Version) 9:00
B4. Secret Lies 3:16
B5. We Are The Popkings 4:06

Chilly’s best tracks between 1978-1982

Chilly was a German Euro Disco band from 1978 to 1983. They were created and produced by the producer, composer and book author Bernt Möhrle. Their first album “For your Love” included a suite 11:50 (long version) of the song “For Your Love”, recorded with an arrangement by Christian Kolonovits and Bernt Möhrle.

The original “For Your Love” was a Yardbirds hit released in 1965, written by Graham Gouldman. Bernt Möhrle added new lyrics and composed additional music to the arrangement “I Walk alone” and the suite became a great international disco hit.

Other famous songs include hits like “Friday On My Mind”, “Johnny Loves Jenny”, “Come to L.A.”, “Simply a Love Song”, “Secret Lies”, “Come Lets Go”, “We Are The Popkings”, “Get Up And Move”, “Oh I Love You” “For Your Love Ibiza Megamix”,”Goo Goo Eyes”.

Bernt Möhrle created with “For Your Love” a new standard in Disco music in the late 70s and early 80s. It remained on the Billboard dance club songs charts for 7 weeks peaking at number 38 in April 1979. His version was used and remixed among others by DJ Hell on the album Munich Machine.

It was also re-released in 2006 by the French label D-Classics in an edited version called “4 Love” made by Dylan Petit and in 2011 by Chocolate Puma feat. Colonel Red.

The members of Chilly were Brad Howell: singer, Ute Weber: singer, Werner Suedhoff: dancer, Andrea Linz: dancer, Sofia Ejango: dancer, Oscar Pearson: dancer.

– Wikipedia

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