Dan McCafferty – No Turning Back – In Memory of Dan McCafferty (Limited Edition Gold Vinyl) (LP)


Label: Rock Of Angels Records – ROAR2315LP
Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Gold Vinyl
Country: Europe
Genre: Rock
Style: Classic Rock
EAN / UPC: 5200123664607


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Nauja užpakuota vinilinė plokštelė Dan McCafferty – No Turning Back – In Memory of Dan McCafferty (Limited Edition Gold Vinyl) (LP)


A1. Childrens Eyes
A2. Into The Ring
A3. Starry Eyes
A4. My Sunny Island
A5. Occident
B1. No Turning Back
B2. Going Home
Bonus Tracks:
B3. Panos Kafilis: Love Hurts (Nazareth Cover)
B4. Panos Kafilis: Dream On (Nazareth Cover)

In the annals of rock music, there are few singers who have such an expressive voice as Dan McCafferty.

As the charismatic frontman of the Scottish band Nazareth, McCafferty has been involved in more than 25 albums, released hits such as ‘Love Hurts’, ‘Dream On’, ‘This Flight Tonight’ and ‘Morning Dew’ and toured all over the world. After a unique career of 50 years, Dan McCafferty passed away on November 8, 2022 at the age of 76.

His name will be remembered, his great songs will continue to be played on countless rock radio stations around the world. Undiscovered musical treasures were kept in McCafferty’s private home archives. Some of them can now be found on the posthumous homage: ‘No Turning Back – In Memory of Dan McCafferty‘.

The previously unreleased songs “Occident” and “No Turning Back” are original recordings from the late 1990s that McCafferty recorded with German director, composer and music producer Christoph Busse. The previously unreleased track ‘Children’s Eyes’ is the result of a collaboration with composer and producer Detlef Wiedeke.

All three tracks show the stylistically enormous range of his rough rock voice. With ‘Into the Ring’, ‘Starry Eyes’ and ‘Sunny Island’, three pieces from a particularly eventful career phase of the Scottish musician follow. The songs were released in 1987 on his now long out-of-print solo album “Into the Ring“.

The album was created between the two Nazareth classics “Cinema” (1986) and “Snakes’n’Ladders” (1989). “In Memory of Dan McCafferty” is rounded off with “Going Home” from 1993 and from the eponymous album of the short-lived project Seasons, with original Scottish bagpipes, fiddles, flutes and percussion instruments.

The song is based on the piece “Largo” from the 9th Symphony “From the New World” by Antonín Dvo?ák. There are also two recent cover versions of the Nazareth evergreens ‘Love Hurts’ and ‘Dream On’ as bonus tracks, sung by Greek singer Panos Kalifis, whose vocal colour is strikingly similar to McCafferty’s.

Last but not least, the album cover features a photo of a young Dan McCafferty, while the booklet contains twelve pencil and charcoal illustrations. “No Turning Back – In Memory of Dan McCafferty” is a musical must-have for every McCafferty/Nazareth and hard rock fan.

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