Malia – Boris Blank – Convergence (Reissue) (LP) vinilinės plokštelės – vinilai


Label: EmArcy – 374 593-2
Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress
Country: Europe
Genre: Electronic, Jazz
Style: Future Jazz
EAN / UPC: 0602537459322
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Nauja užpakuota vinilinė plokštelė Malia & Boris Blank – Convergence (Reissue) (LP)


A1. Celestial Echo 4:09
A2. Embraceable Moon 4:10
A3. I Feel It Like You 3:40
A4. Touching Ghosts 3:21
A5. Claire Cadillac 3:09
A6. Raising Venus 4:40
B1. Fever 3:25
B2. Smouldering Ashes 3:56
B3. Magnetic Lies 3:56
B4. Tears Run Dry 3:42
B5. Turner’s Ship 6:42

Malia recorded her new album with Swiss producer Boris Blank. The title “Convergence” translates as “flowing together” or “approach”. And that’s what this album is about in more ways than one: the convergence of the different ideas of these two artists, the interaction of Blank’s electronic sounds and Malia’s the approach of the soulful jazz singer to the electro scene, in which Boris Blank has set the tone for many years with the duo Yello and made a name for himself as a bold pioneer of sampling.

The eleven songs of this intense album are about life and survival. They are hymns full of tragic moments and dramatic realizations, they tell of ghosts, prostitution, slavery, illness, spirituality and of course love. The cool grooving rhythm’n’blues number “I Feel It Like You” sounds like it was written for a James Bond movie. Connoisseurs should of course be reminded of Yello’s collaboration with the great Shirley Bassey.
“Convergence” is Boris Blank’s first album outside the Yello cosmos.

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