Secret Service – Secret Mission (Reissue Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl) (LP) vinilinės plokštelės – vinilai


Label: Tim Norell Musikproduktion AB – TNMP2022-1
Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Yellow Vinyl
Country: Sweden
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Style: Synth-pop
EAN / UPC: 0761862598967


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Nauja užpakuota vinilinė plokštelė Secret Service – Secret Mission (Reissue Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl) (LP)


A1. Secret Mission 3:33
A2. How Can I Get Over You 4:05
A3. You StoIe My Heart 3:43
A4. Jane 3:09
A5. Mama TeII Me Why 3:48
B1. Café For Amur 4:12
B2. Lit De Parade 3:51
B3. Little Zhora 4:05
B4. Go On 3:54
B5/ In Memoriam (To Björn) 2:24

Line Up:
Johan Becker – vocals, guitars (2018–present)
Tim Norell – vocals, keyboards (1979–present)
Ulf Wahlberg – vocals, keyboards (1979–present)
Anders Hansson – bass, keyboards (1986–present)
Mats A. Lindberg – bass (1987–present)
Jamie Borger – drums (2006–present)
Jan-Erik Perning – drums (2006–present)

New album released in November 18, 2022. Secret Service is a legendary Swedish pop/new wave band, originally formed in 1979. Ola Håkansson, former vocalist of “Ola & The Janglers” and then a publishing manager at “Sonet Music”, teamed up with Tim Norell and Ulf Wahlberg to write a few songs for the European Song Contest. They didn’t win but decided to continue working together and changed their band’s name to Secret Service.

A generation and more has been born since they wrote “Oh Susie”, “Ten O’Clock Postman”, “Flash in the night” and the other songs in the huge Secret Service catalog. A whole “happy-go-lucky” generation with their eyes on anything but the past. However, in the years that have passed since Secret Service last album, the music of today has lost one of its most important ingredients: melodies! Tim Norell simply felt compelled to bring the melodies back to the music in order to bring music back to life.

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Svoris 0,3 kg
Išmatavimai 2 × 33 × 33 cm
Colored Vinyl

Limited Edition