Audio Anatomy Record Cleaner


Audio Anatomy plokštelių valiklis.

Highly efficient and easy to use wet- and dry cleaning // Practical and stylish packaging // 20 x 20 cm high quality microfibre cloth // Cleaning liquid (150 ml) and microfibre cloth can be used separately // microfibre cloth machine-washable.

The Audio Anatomy Vinyl-Cleaning Set offers two indispensable vinyl accessories for daily use in one stylish packaging. The alcohol-free cleaning liquid (150 ml), as well as the microfibre cloth can be used separately from each other. When used together, the cleaning liquid enters deeply into the grooves of the record, where it dissolves dirt which is then absorbed by the microfibre cloth. For removing dirt that will accumulate in the microfibre cloth, it can be machine washed.


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Audio Anatomy Record Cleaner

EAN / UPC: 5906660083221

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