Vinyl Tonic Velvet Brush + Microfibre Cloth



Weight: 0.68g
Box Dimensions: 76 x 34 x 147 (mm)

x1 Velvet Brush
x1 Microfibre Cloth

EAN / UPC: 5060450974080


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Velvetinis šepetėlis + mikropluošto šluostė Vinyl Tonic Velvet Brush + Microfibre Cloth

The Vinyl Tonic Velvet Brush and Microfibre Cloth is the perfect cleaning kit for your vinyl records.

The Velvet Brush discharges static from the vinyl surface and removes deep set dust from inside the grooves, leaving you with spotless records.

The Microfibre Cloth can be used dry for a quick wipe, or alternatively used with vinyl cleaning fluid for a more thorough clean.


PROTECT YOUR VINYL: The Vinyl Tonic VT10- Universal Cleaning Cloth is the perfect tool to delicately remove dust and particles from record players. The Velvet Brush eliminates static electricity from the vinyl and eliminates any deeply-ingrained dust from inside the grooves, leaving your records spotless.

ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT: The VT10- Universal Cleaning Cloth and the Velvet Brush are integral components of any turntable configuration. Appropriate maintenance can extend the life of your records.

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