Queen – Rock Montreal + Live Aid (Digipak) (2BD) Blu-ray diskai – Blu-ray


Label: Mercury Studios / Universal Music Group – 00602458843033
2 x Blu-ray, Reissue, Multichannel, Digipak
Country: Europe
Genre: Rock
Style: Arena Rock, Classic Rock
EAN / UPC: 0602458843033


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Rock Montreal + Live Aid (Full Frame Version)
1-1. Intro
1-2. We Will Rock You (Fast)
1-3. Let Me Entertain You
1-4. Play The Game
1-5. Somebody To Love
1-6. Killer Queen
1-7. I’m In Love With My Car
1-8. Get Down Make Love
1-9. Save Me
1-10. Now I’m Here
1-11. Dragon Attack
1-12. Now I’m Here (Reprise)
1-13. Love Of My Life
1-14. Under Pressure
1-15. Keep Yourself Alive
1-16. Drum And Tympani Solo
1-17. Guitar Solo
1-18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
1-19. Jailhouse Rock
1-20. Bohemian Rhapsody
1-21. Tie Your Mother Down
1-22. Another One Bites The Dust
1-23. Sheer Heart Attack
1-24. We Will Rock You
1-25. We Are The Champions
1-26. God Save The Queen
Live Aid Concert
1-27. Bohemian Rhapsody
1-28. Radio Ga Ga
1-29. Ay-Oh
1-30. Hammer To Fall
1-31. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
1-32. We Will Rock You
1-33. We Are The Champions
1-34. Is This The World We Created…?
Queen Rock Montreal (Widescreen Version)
2-1. Intro
2-2. We Will Rock You (Fast)
2-3. Let Me Entertain You
2-4. Play The Game
2-5. Somebody To Love
2-6. Killer Queen
2-7. I’m In Love With My Car
2-8. Get Down Make Love
2-9. Save Me
2-10. Now I’m Here
2-11. Dragon Attack
2-12. Now I’m Here (Reprise)
2-13. Love Of My Life
2-14. Under Pressure
2-15. Keep Yourself Alive
2-16. Drum And Tympani Solo
2-17. Guitar Solo
2-18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
2-19. Jailhouse Rock
2-20. Bohemian Rhapsody
2-21. Tie Your Mother Down
2-22. Another One Bites The Dust
2-23. Sheer Heart Attack
2-24. We Will Rock You
2-25. We Are The Champions
2-26. God Save The Queen
Live Aid Rehearsal
2-27. Bohemian Rhapsody
2-28. Radio Ga Ga
2-29. Hammer To Fall

96/24, Digital Stereo, LPCM Stereo 48/24

Disc 1:
Running time: 119 minutes approx.
Audio: Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, LPCM Stereo

Disc 2:
Running time: 105 minutes approx.
Audio: Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, LPCM Stereo

Region: A/B/C [Region Free]

© 2024 Queen Productions Ltd.

Queen Rock Montreal captures the world’s most iconic rock band at the very peak of their live powers. Recorded in 1981 and recently released as a record-breaking digitally restored IMAX concert film, this landmark moment in the band’s history is now being released on physical formats.

Queen Rock Montreal presents Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon at their most exciting and exhilarating. As Brian May puts it, this is Queen “live and dangerous.”

The double Blu-ray release features Queen Rock Montreal in Full Frame on disc one, as it was originally intended to be viewed, along with their iconic Live Aid performance, presented for the first time in upscaled HD with Dolby Atmos audio. Disc two contains the widescreen format of the concert, along with a behind the scenes featurette composed of Queen rehearsing for Live Aid interspersed with an interview with the band, recorded just prior to Live Aid. The Queen Rock Montreal and Live Aid performances are presented with LPCM Stereo, DTS-HD Master Audio, and, for the first time, Dolby Atmos. Queen Rock Montreal also includes a commentary track recorded by Brian May & Roger Taylor discussing the film.

The 35mm original negative has been scanned to ensure the highest possible resolution, which was then examined frame by frame to remove any dirt, damage or splices to enhance the sharpness and quality of the picture.

Images are from an external source and may differ from the actual product.

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