Audio Anatomy Stylus Cleaner


Audio Anatomy adatos valiklis

The Audio Anatomy Stylus Cleaner is a highly efficient but at the same time gentle way to remove dirt and dust from your stylus. The special impact comes from the simultaneous effect of gentle mechanical cleaning by the brush and the dirt-dissolving effect of the cleaning liquid. Cleaning the stylus not only improves sound quality, but also extends the longevity of your stylus and vinyl records.

To avoid getting dirt from the vinyl record to the stylus, we recommend cleaning the records regularly with Audio Anatomy Cleaning Brushes and Audio Anatomy Cleaning Cloths.


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Audio Anatomy Stylus Cleaner

EAN / UPC: 9003829971354

Weight: 0,085 kg

Height: 6,5 cm

Diameter: 4 cm

Volume: 30 ml

Made in EU

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