King Diamond – The Eye (Reissue) (LP)


EAN / UPC: 0039841567915
Label: Metal Blade Records – 3984-15679-1
Series: Classic Series!
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 Gram
Country: Europe
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
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A1. Eye Of The Witch 3:47
A2. The Trial (Chambre Ardente) 5:13
A3. Burn 3:42
A4. Two Little Girls 2:41
A5. Into The Convent 4:47
B1. Father Picard 3:19
B2. Behind These Walls 3:45
B3. The Meetings 4:31
B4. Insanity 3:00
B5. 1642 Imprisonment 3:31
B6. The Curse 5:42

King Diamond – All Vocals, Harpsichord, Keyboards
Andy LaRoque – Guitars
Herb Simonsen – Guitars
Chris Estes – Bass
Darrin Anthony – Drums

The fifth King Diamond album, The Eye, featured slower tempos, more keyboards, more mid-range vocals and a larger nod to traditional heavy metal and hard rock, alongside a loose conceptual thread tying the songs together.

It split the King Diamond fanbase upon it’s original release in 1990, but many fans today feel that it’s one of the band’s most nuanced efforts.

King Diamond adds, “These are not remasters. These are the albums as they were originally done in the old days from the original production masters. They retain all the original dynamics that were captured at the time. It’s very exciting to present these to fans as they were originally released.”

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